Schools and Educational Organizations

Many high schools and educational organizations focus on academics, tutoring, and other support services that ensure that a student performs as well as possible academically. Guidance counselors, teachers, administration staff are often overburdened with excessive caseloads of students and aren’t able to provide the personal guidance students need. Their time is restricted to scheduling and basic admissions paperwork. Many are also burdened with the role of helping students with social and emotional issues, which, while very important, leaves them little time for more in-depth guidance about college admissions, majors, career guidance, and other crucial aspects of a student’s future.  There is also little time for other enjoyable and enriching activities like creative ventures, which are often the first to be eliminated from the budget.

We are able to visit your high school or educational organization in person or through webinars and offer workshops, training, and information sessions for both staff and students on the similar topics for which we coach individual students, but geared specifically to schools and classrooms.  We conveniently offer a ready-made career exploration curriculum anchored around purpose development, called Head & Heart Life.   For those looking to learn a English or Spanish as a New Language, we also offer Artsy English and Artsy Español, after school program designed to teach these languages through the visual & performing arts (see below for more info).


Summary of Our Services for Schools and Organizations:

  • Advising staff on helping students choose the best major, career path, college, and activities throughout their 4 years that are best for THEM and THEIR FUTURE.
  • Training various school staff on the content and implementation of Head & Heart Life Curriculum, a college and life exploration/skills curriculum anchored around purpose development (see below for more info).
  • Training various school staff on the content and implementation of Artsy English and/or Artsy Español, after school programs designed to teach English and Spanish as a New Language through the visual & performing arts (see below for more info).
  • Assisting administration with appropriate staffing and school programming  to allow for integration of all curriculum, as well as general self exploration, into teachers’ and students’ schedules.

If you want your students to have a stronger sense of purpose, be more self-aware and confident, gain crucial college/career/life skills, unleash their creative side, and feel less stressed, Head & Heart International curriculum and training is for you!

Artsy English / Artsy Español Curriculum

Artsy English and Artsy Español is a revolutionary after school or summer enrichment curriculum designed to  help students learn second language skills in English or Spanish through the visual and performing arts.  All 4 primary language skills are learned- Reading, Writing, Speaking, & Listening- and immediately applied the fun and natural way through self-expressive activities that students will authentically enjoy.  The theme of all projects will be cultural analysis and expression of both native culture and a new culture, and a creative way to fuse, or reconcile, the two.  

Both the English/Spanish and Arts curricula will be structured and strategic, with the goal of learning, practicing, applying, and showcasing specific language targets, as well as gaining and applying new artistic skills. 

Through Artsy English (English as a New Language) and its Spanish counterpart, Artsy Español (Spanish as a New Language), students will employ creative, communicative, hands-on activities in some or all of the following areas:

  • Visual arts: Photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry making, etc.
  • Music: Singing/karaoke [including lyric-writing], producing, guitar, piano, etc.)
  • Drama & Video: Role-plays, formal plays, advertisements, skits, improv, etc.
  • Kinesthetic Activities: Dance, yoga, sports, aerobics, physical games)
  • Culinary Arts: Organic and/or native culture, healthy cuisine and cooking


    Other Organizations

    We also offer packages to employees of any type of organization at a discounted rate through your Human Resources department or employee benefits office. We provide webinars and offer workshops, training, and information sessions for adult staff of high school and/or college-age children. Please contact us for more information.


    Head & Heart Life Curriculum

    We believe that academic curriculum is important for college and life readiness.  In addition to academics, however, the earlier students develop knowledge of self, college choices, career interests, and life skills, the better prepared they will be for choosing- and ultimately graduating- from college.  Our specially tailored, enriching curriculum, Head & Heart Life, focuses on the following areas: self-exploration, purpose development, social and emotional learning, college admissions, and academic/life skills– with the goal of developing clarity of students’ best fit academic and career path. 

    Head & Heart Life is designed specifically to seamlessly integrate into your students’ school day and, if you choose, into their content curriculum.  It can be offered as a stand-alone course, or be fused with various subject areas, within daily or after school programming.

    Activities will enhance students’ genuine readiness for college, career, and real life.  Teachers and administration can choose to use as little or as much of the curriculum as they deem beneficial.   We offer two types of curriculum: Standalone, which is a full 10-week daily 90-minute program for 2 separate grade levels- 9th/10th graders, and 11th/12th graders, and Content-Based, which is through integration into or supplementation of various high school subjects. 

    We offer the following curriculum and accompanying workshops for training teachers on how to implement the curriculum.  Please note that the language-intensive courses tend to offer richer opportunities for integration of the curriculum.

    Standalone College, Career, and Life Exploration/Skills Curriculum for:

    • Enrichment Programs (Grades 9-12)-  after school programs, electives, summer, or additional allotted times.  Offered as a one-time course per grade cohort meant to be delivered within a certain condensed time frame.  By the time students complete the program and it’s time to apply for or attend college, students will have a clearer sense of their life direction, path, and purpose. 
    • International, Multicultural and/or Multilingual Students

    Content-Based College, Career, and Life Exploration/Skills Curriculum for:

    • Social Studies– Focus on societal trends, college admissions, psychology, and mental health
    • English Language Arts & English as a New Language– most topics
    • The Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science)- Focus on nutrition, drugs and pharmeceuticals, common products, and psychology/mental health
    • Math (Algebra, Geometry, Statistics)- Focus on budgeting, financial planning, cost of college, etc.
    • Visual and Performing Arts (particularly Art, Music, and/or Drama/Theatre)- Focus on creative arts as a form of expression to clarify self identity and purpose as well as practice creative skills