What We Do

At Head & Heart International Higher Education Coaching & Consulting, we offer comprehensive educational planning, coaching, consulting and curriculum- from dream to dorm to degree.  We give college-bound students and schools from all over the world the tools needed to follow a more targeted, authentic, and successful academic path based on a fusion of student passions, personalities, and practical realities.  This involves exploring and articulating a best fit major and career plan, guiding them through the admissions process into the right higher education institution, and helping students maximize their 4 years in school in order to become career and life-ready— sooner. 

We also offer two enrichment curriculum programs designed to integrate into students’ school day: 1) Head & Heart Life, anchored around self-exploration, life, and academic skills, and 2) Artsy English, an afterschool program that teaches English as a new language through the visual and performing arts.

 Our Mission & Vision:

In these increasingly uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to choose the right major, the right college, and do the right things throughout one’s college career that are in line with who you are and what the world is today.  These are some of the most important decisions you’ll ever make and they will change the course of your life forever, so it’s crucial to get started on the right path.  Standing out has never been more important.  As stated in our slogan, you, and the world, deserves nothing less than the best of you.  We care about you shining at your brightest!


Our mission is to help families and college-bound students from around the world gain access to, and make the most of, their 4-year higher education degree. This has everything to do with a student knowing what they love and knowing it from the start.    We know that having passion and focus helps students stay on track, graduate on time, and obtain jobs in their fields shortly after graduation.  Just as importantly, we help them discover and refine the logical and practical side of their passion, which saves money and time and brings them more and better opportunities- sooner.   Finally, possessing skills that students typically don’t learn or master in school-  like life skills, second language, and creative pursuits- are just as (if not more) crucial to success in life as the core subjects.  As suggested by our logo, we help you harness your own “heart” (passions and values) as your driving and guiding force to help propel you purposefully along your path to make rational and well-informed decisions about what is best for YOU and YOUR FUTURE.


Our vision is that as many individuals as possible will become fully realized throughout their academic tenure and, ultimately careers.  We know that where and where people spend several years studying, and then at least 8 hours a day working, needs to be something that is fulfilling, successful and rooted in passion.  We believe that when people are able to exhibit and apply to the world their best version of themselves, a ripple effect occurs and everybody is better off- the individuals themselves, their family, their colleagues, and our world in general.  Humanity deserves everyone to be living to their full potential, learning and working in the right environment, utilizing their talents and passions, and actualizing their purpose in alignment with their core values. Only then can we become a more enlightened, successful, productive, and peaceful world.



Quick Facts about Amy Quinde, Founder:



  • Master of Education (M.Ed.), University of Buffalo
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of New Paltz



  • 15 years working in high schools and higher education institutions
  • High School English/ENL Teacher (13 years)
  • Adjunct Professor, Erie Community College & University of Buffalo
  • International Admissions Advisor, Niagara University
  • Fluent in English & Spanish, proficient in Japanese
  • Certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner
  • Lived, worked, and/or studied abroad in 5 countries (traveled to many more)
  • Senior English Language Fellow, U.S. Department of State