Artsy Languages Inc.

Welcome to Artsy Languages Inc., a nonprofit organization that offers cross-cultural educational enrichment programming to school-aged children. Through our unique cutting-edge curricula, students learn life skills (focused on social-emotional, language, and communication skills) through the Creative Arts.   Our programs also help students gain a clearer sense of individual purpose and direction in context with what today’s multicultural world needs.  We use an integrated, multidisciplinary, whole-brain approach to learning that strives to fill in the gaps of conventional school curricula.  Specific programs currently offered are: 1) Artsy English and 2) Artsy Español.   

Artsy Languages Inc., whose mission is to make educational and creative ventures accessible to ALL children from diverse backgrounds, is not to be confused with Artsy Languages International, which is part of Head & Heart International LLC.  Artsy Languages International offers related types of programs, but to a specific international market (please click HERE to access the Artsy Languages International page:

Specific Programs:

ARTSY ENGLISH is a unique after-school and summer enrichment program in which children in Grades 1-12 learn life skills (focused on social-emotional, language, and communication skills in English) through the Creative Arts.  It also helps students gain a clearer sense of individual purpose and direction in context with what today’s world needs on an exploratory level.  For high schoolers, Life Skills also include Career & College Readiness.  Best yet, it’s FUN!

ARTSY ESPAÑOL is Artsy English’s Spanish counterpart.  Like Artsy English, its main objective is to develop social-emotional and language skills through the Creative Arts in school-aged children.  In this program, the focus is on learning Spanish.  Sessions are delivered primarily in Spanish and emphasize communicative competence through fun and immersive Spanish activities.  For high schoolers, we emphasize Spanish skills for career and tourism.

Artsy English & Artsy Español curricula are structured and strategic, with the goal of learning, practicing, applying, and showcasing specific social-emotional, language, and communication skills that are simultaneously embedded with language-learning targets.  Both programs are currently available in two levels: Level 1 (Beginner level in the target language) and Level 2 (Intermediate level to Native Speaker in the target language).  


Our Level 1 programs are for students who are Beginners and/or early reading proficiency in the target language.  Through our cutting-edge twin curricula, all 6 primary language skills in either English or Spanish are learned- Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Vocabulary, & Grammar – and immediately applied the fun and natural way through practical and creative activities that students will authentically enjoy.  These creative activities can be categorized into the following modalities:  Visual Arts, Music, Drama & Video, and Life Skills.  Level 1 programming is typically twice as long as Level 2 to allow more time for language and literacy development and is optimally a 90-hour program, but can be adapted into a shorter or longer session to accomodate students’ or organizational needs.  For Level 1, we recommend a minimum level of Kindergarten literacy in the target language regardless of age or school grade.


Level 2 is typically a 45-hour program that teaches social-emotional, language and communication skills more in depth which, like Level 1, are simultaneously learned and expressed through Creative Arts activities modalities of Visual Arts, Music, and Drama & Video.  In the elementary cohorts, the Life Skills modality focuses specifically on the skills mentioned above applied to everyday situations in school, with peers, and at home.  At the high school level, themes of jobs, career, and/or college exploration and readiness are a primary component.  Level 2 can also be adapted into shorter or longer sessions than our standard 45-hour programming.  For Level 2, we recommend a minimum of one year of prior instruction and/or exposure in the target language regardless of age or school grade.  


We also offer pop-up parent-child classes using the Artsy Languages methodology for children and parents of all ages.   These classes focus on related social-emotional themes that allow parent-child bonding opportunities while simultaneously creating art alongside their loved ones. Fun food typically goes along with the fun!   These classes are typically offered during evening and weekend hours to accommodate families’ busy schedules.



  • Creative skills in and appreciation for the Visual & Performing Arts (including applications using modern technology & skills)
  • Language skills (in their first or second language)
  • Self & social awareness
  • Self & relationship management
  • Self-confidence & self-esteem
  • Practical communication skills
  • Cross-cultural/global awareness & appreciation
  • A clearer sense of individual purpose in context with what today’s world needs
  • Initial career and college readiness skills (for high school only)


  • English/Spanish through Visual Arts:  Photography, painting, drawing,  collage-making, digital design, etc.
  • English/Spanish through Music:  Singing/karaoke (including lyric-writing & translation), digital music production, guitar, piano, etc.
  • English/Spanish through Drama & Video:  Role-playing, skits, plays, advertisements, improv, video production, etc.


  • Self/career/college exploration and awareness including self-identity development
  • Self and relationship management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Academic skills and etiquette
  • Cultural awareness and etiquette
  • Workplace and business etiquette
  • Job interviewing skills
  • Other essential social-emotional and soft skills.

COMING IN 2025: Artsy Languages Inc. Summer Camp Programs

Starting in Summer 2025, we plan to offer a 6-week International Exchange Summer Camp modeled after the Artsy English and Artsy Español after school programs. 

We will also offer the option for a fully virtual participation in the program if preferred or necessary.  Classes will be taught through a Learning Management System that is used by all students (both virtual and in person) for the academic and language activities as well as the management and organization of assignments. Also, in addition to language assignments, computers can be utilized for creation of art, music, and video.

Our summer programs teach a hybrid model of life skills (social-emotional, language, and communication) through the following hands-on creative activities that will be supplemented with cultural visits to local venues and field-based tourist excursions.  Examples of camper activities include: 

  • Learn life skills through Visual Arts Tourism:  visiting local art museums and exhibits.
  • Learn life skills through Music Tourism:  visiting local concerts and music venues.
  • Learn life skills through Theater/Dramatic Arts Tourism:  visiting local theater and comedy clubs.
  • Learn life skills through Career and College Tourism (high school level only):  visiting local colleges, meeting with local professionals in careers of interest, speaking with visiting teachers and consultants like financial advisors and mental health therapists, and other life skills workshops.
  • Learn life skills through Culinary Arts Tourism (all age cohorts):  visiting local restaurants and markets.
  • Learn life skills through Kinesthetic Arts Tourism:  visiting local ballets, dance troupes, sports games and nature excursions.